International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research


Volume 3, Number 2 (2011)




On line Digital Reactivity Meter for TRIGA Mark-II Research Reactor of Bangladesh
pp. 151-161
Authors: N. Jahan, M.M. Rashid, M.A. Khayer and S.M.A. Islam


Role of Seed Electrons in Solution to Current Quenching with Cold Hollow Cathodes in Pseudospark Switch
pp. 163-173
Authors: Ved Prakash Dubey, Udit Narayan Pal, Anil Vohra and Harish Kumar Dwivedi

A Review on Harmonic Elimination Techniques
pp. 175-179
Authors: Sandeep V. Rode and Siddharth A. Ladhake

Current Folded RF Mixer Design for 10.5 GHz using 0.18μm CMOS Technology
pp. 181-191
Authors: Archana O. Vyas and Sanjay O. Dahad

Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Characteristics for DFIG in Wind Turbine Modeling
pp. 193-208
Authors: D. Ravi Kishore, N. Satyanarayana and L.K. Rao


Simulation Study for Intra-Pulse Junction Temperature Rise of Pulsed Silicon IMPATT Diodes by Introducing the Temperature Dependence of Various Material Parameters
pp. 209-218
Authors: Arijit Das

Performance Analysis of Sample Rate Converter with Variation of Conversion Factor
pp. 219-225
Authors: Manish Sabraj and Vipan Kakkar

Analysis and Design of a Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for S-Band Application
pp. 227-236
Authors: K.O. Odeyemi, D.O. Akande and E.O. Ogunti

Scaling and Fractal Dimension Analysis of Daily Forbush Decrease Data
pp. 237-246
Authors: Sankar Narayan Patra,Koushik Ghosh and Subhash Chandra Panja

Design of Optimal Fuzzy Controllers for Induction Machine using Reinforcement Learning Automata: A Comparison
pp. 247-264
Authors: M.H. Farsinejad, G.A. Haydari and A.A. Gharaveisi

FPGA-based Speed Control of Three-Phase Induction Motor
pp. 265-277
Authors: Farzad Nekoei1, Yousef S. Kavian1 and Otto Strobel

Comparison and Analysis of BZ-FAD based on Shift-Add Architecture with Various Multiplier
pp. 279-290
Authors: K. Martin Sagayam and N. Sri Ramalinga Ganesa Perumal





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