International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research (IJEER)


Volume 4, Number 3, (2012)




Voiced-Unvoiced-Silence Detection for Words using LPC Distance Measure
pp. 171-189
Authors: V. Harinath, P. Dileep Kumar, B. Babu Rajesh and G.N. Kodanda Ramaiah


Performance Evaluation of AODV and DSR Protocols in Different Environments of WSN
pp. 191-203
Authors: Dr. Markande Shriram D., More Nikhil S., Kulkarni Pranav A., Pujari Adishri G. and Pranav M. Pawar


Speech Signal Processing: Non-Linear Energy Operator Centric Review
pp. 205-221
Author: Subhradeep Pal

An Etched-Disc Microstrip Resonator for Dielectric Measurement
pp. 223-231
Authors: Beulah Jackson and T. Jayanthy


Improvement of GSM coverage using microcell
pp. 233-243
Authors: S.O. Ajose, FNSE and A.E. Ibhaze


Security in RFID Technology
pp. 245-252
Authors: Gurudatt Kulkarni, Rani Waghmare, Nikita Chavan and Sandhya Mandhare


Energy Management for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Driving Cycle
pp. 253-268
Authors: M. Lakshmi Swarupa, Dr. G. Tulasi Ram Das and Dr. P.V. Raj Gopal


A CMOS Combinational Logic Gates Power Estimation Technique.
pp. 269-273
Authors: B. Mohan kumar Naik and Prof. Dr. Ananth


Electronic Geometrical Correction of CRT Based Head-Up Display
pp. 275-284
Authors: Vipan Kumar, Sandeep Singhai, Ankesh Garg, Arnav Pandey and Ghattepally Siva Teja


Network Selection in Next Generation wireless Network using Game Theory
pp. 285-295
Authors: Rajesh.L and Bhoopathy Bagan.K

Micro strip Patch Antenna for GPS Application
pp. 297-302
Authors: Parminder Singh, Kirti Sharma, Neha Loharia and Neha Moza





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