International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research (IJEER)




Volume 9, Number 1 (2017)





Design of Double Layer Frequency Selective Surface with Almost Flat Pass Band and Sharp Roll Off
pp. 1-8
Poulami Samaddar, Sushanta Sarkar, Srija De, Debasree Chanda Sarkar and Partha Pratim Sarkar


Design of a Broadband Hemispherical Frequency Selective surface with Incident Angle independent Transmission characteristics and High Roll off
pp. 9-13
Nurnihar Begam, Snehasish Saha, Poulami Sammadar, P.P Sarkar and D. Sarkar


Utilizing Image Classification based Semantic Recognition for Personalized Video Summarization
pp. 15-27
Priyamvada R Sachan and Keshaveni N

Noise Detection Using Higher Order Statistical Method for Satellite Images
pp. 29-36
T. Venkata Krishnamoorthy and G. Umamaheswara Reddy

Design of BPF using Pseudo-Interdigital Structure for Impedance Bandwidth enhancement of Monopole Antenna for UWB Application
pp. 37-55
Yatindra Gaurav and R.K. Chauhan


Image Visibility Restoration Using Fast-Weighted Guided Image Filter
pp. 57-67
G.T.N.V. Satya Sri and K. Srinivasa Rao

Tuning of FOPID Controller for Meliorating the Performance of the Heating Furnace Using Conventional Tuning and Optimization Technique
pp. 69-85
Amlan Basu, Sumit Mohanty and Rohit Sharma

A New Methodology for Noise Removal and Segmentation in Microarray Images
pp. 87-98
G. Sai Chaitanya Kumar, Reddi Kiran Kumar and G. Apparao Naidu

Nano Composites Based Microstrip Antenna for Stealth Applications
pp. 99-103
K S Chaya Devi and H.M Mahesh

Impact of Mobility and Terrain Size on Performance of Hybrid Routing Protocol in Mobile Adhoc Network
pp. 105-119
Surinder Singh, BS Dhaliwal, Rahul Malhotra and Mahendra Kumar

High Radiation Effects on Different Performance of Solar Cells
pp. 121-140
Hammad Abozied mohammed and Mohamed S. El_Tokhy

Change Detection in Remotely Sensed Images Based on Image Fusion and Fuzzy Clustering
pp. 141-150
Er. Abhishek Sharma and Dr. Tarun Gulati





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