International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research (IJEER)




Volume 9, Number 4 (2017)






Literature Review on Non-linear Analysis of an Electric Drive System using State Space Technique
pp. 455-465
Dhanaselvam J1, and Jayalaxmi M

Implementation of Algebraic Method Based Selective Harmonic Elimination of Multilevel Inverter Using Artificial Neural Networks
pp. 467-482
Kirti, Manish Kumar Thukral and Vishnu Goyal

Development of an Optical Sensor Based System for Detection and Monitoring of Hemoglobin in Blood
pp. 483-489
Arpita Baruah and Jhimli Kumari Das

A Review paper on Implementation Issues in IPv6 Network Technology
pp. 491-498
Sandeep Tayal, Nipin Gupta, Deepak Goyal, Pankaj Gupta, Monika Goyal

AD-HOC Routing Protocol
pp. 499-503
Sandeep Tayal, Nipin Gupta, Deepak Goyal, Pankaj Gupta and Monika Goyal

A 3.5 GHz Low Noise, High Gain Narrow Band Differential Low Noise Amplifier Design for Wi-MAX Applications
pp. 505-516
M.Ramana Reddy, N.S Murthy Sharma and P. Chandra Sekhar

Reconfigurable Patch Antenna For Software Defined Radio Application
pp. 517-525
Sharanagouda N Patil, P.V.Hunagund, R.M.Vani and Ravi M Hatti

A Zynq Evaluation and Development board based Z-Quad for Precision Agriculture
pp. 527-543
Britto Martin Paul N, Rajendra Prasad K and Srikanth M


Study Of Sound Source Localization Using Music Method In Real Acoustic Environment
pp. 545-556
Navin Kumar

Voltage and Frequency Regulation in Wind Farm using Novel Boost Converter and MLI
pp. 557-568
Randeep Singh, Shashank Shukla and Amar Shukla

A New Approach For 3D Image Reconstruction From Multiple Images
pp. 569-574
Rahul Dangwal and Sukhwinder Singh

An Effective Reconstrucation of Replica Memory Design Optimization for Embedded System
pp. 575-586
Ravi Khatwal and Manoj Kumar Jain


Image Fusion in Framework for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation
pp. 587-598
B.Raviteja, M.Surendra Prasad Babu and Prof. K.Venkata Rao

An Analysis of Small Scale Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Generation-A Pilot Scheme
pp. 599-612
Jayanna Kanchikere and K. Kalyankumar

Approach For Palm Vein Blood Vessel Detection Based On Fuzzy Logic
pp. 613-619
Praveen Kaundal and Sukhwinder Singh

A Review on Implementation of MODBUS Communication Protocol and its Applications
pp. 621-629
Devanshi N. Patel and Sunil B. Somani

Critical Performance Analysis of Object Tracking Algorithm for Indoor Surveillance using modified GMM and Kalman Filtering
pp. 631-642
Navneet S. Ghedia, C.H. Vithalani and Ashish Kothari







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