International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research (IJEER)




Volume 9, Number 6 (2017)






HBZVR-Type Single-Phase Transformerless PV grid connected Inverter with Constant Common-mode voltage
pp. 791-808
Ahmad Syed and Tara Kalyani Sandipamu

Auto-tuning of PID Controller for the Cases Given by Forbes Marshall
pp. 809-814
Hrishikesh Bhosale and Akshay Dhadge

Power Generation Using Maglev Windmill
pp. 815-821
Ajinkya Kulkarni, Sumedh Kulkarni and Ranjit Bhosale and S.C.Rajgade

Implementation of Optimized Proportionate Adaptive Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Speech Signals
pp. 823-830
G.Amjad Khan and K E Sreenivasa Murthy

Investigations on Mitigation of Harmonics by Fast Fourier Transform Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter
pp. 831-844
Barad Urmila, Deepal Gupta and Siddharthsingh K. Chauhan

Star Topology based Protection Scheme for Survivable Fiber Wireless (FiWi) Access Network
pp. 859-866
Raksha Upadhyay and Uma Rathore Bhatt

Study of Distribution of Transient Voltages in the Winding of a Transformer Subjected to VFTO and Lightning Surges
pp. 867-882
R.V. Srinivasa Murthy and Pradipkumar Dixit

Nonlinearities in Power Amplifier and its Remedies
pp. 883-887
Mridula and Amandeep Singh Sappal

Implementation of a Multi bit VCO based Quantizer using Frequency to Digital Converter
pp. 889-898
Anjali Jain and Pankaj M. Gulhane

Analysis of Mindfulness Meditation Effect on Brain through Electroencephalography
pp. 899-911
Seema Kute, Sonali Kulkarni

Survey on Authentication Process in Body Area Network
pp. 899-911
Seema Kute and Sonali Kulkarni


Survey on Authentication Process in Body Area Network

pp. 913-921

Pradeep Kumar and Anand Sharma

Aadhar based Finger print EVM System
pp. 923-930
N.N.Nagamma, M.V.Lakshmaiah and T.Narmada

Design and Hardware Implementation of Speed Control of Induction Motor using Z - Source Inverter
pp. 931-937
K. Balachander

Home Automation using IoT
pp. 939-944
A. Amudha






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