International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research (IJEER)




Volume 9, Number 8 (2017)





Metamaterial Inspired Frequency Tunable Planar Patch Antenna
pp. 1127-1134
Tanuj K. Garg, S.C.Gupta and S.S.Pattnaik

Implementation of Low Power Digital Circuits using DFAL Technique
pp. 1135-1145

Frequency Shift Keying Scheme to Implement SDR using Hackrf one
pp. 1147-1157
Abdulgader Elamin Elsaghier, Necmi Serkan Tezel and Salah Meftah Altiraiki

Comparative Analysis of Different Modulation Schemes in Rician Fading Induced FSO Communication System
pp. 1159-1169
Harmeet Singh and Amandeep Singh Sappal

Power Optimized Dadda Multiplier Using Two-Phase Clocking Sub-threshold Adiabatic Logic
pp. 1171-1184
Jayaram Bevara, Tilak V.N.Alapati and Srilakshmi Kaza

Review of security enhancement techniques for Wireless Sensor Network
pp. 1185-1196
Charanjit Singh, Rajbir Kaur and Mitthatmeer Kaur

Measurement of Dielectric Constant(
Er) and Loss Tangent (tand) of Textile Substrates.
pp. 1197-1202
Bivas Roy, Debasree Chanda Sarkar, Partha Pratim Sarkar and Santosh Kumar Chowdhury

LVDT Based Approach for Thickness Measurement Application
pp. 1203-1210
A.P. Jagtap, S.D. Gaikwad, K.S. Gawade, G.S. Ingle and N.S. Nagdeo

Improving the Performance of PID Controller using Fractional Elements for Heating Furnace
pp. 1211-1236
Amlan Basu and Sumit Mohanty


Smart Water Supply Using Labview and Arduino
pp. 1237-1244
S.Vishal, G.Prashanth and N. Srinath

Analysis of High Current Sheet Beam Transprtations
pp. 1245-1257
T.S. Banerjee, A.Hadap and K.T.V. Reddy

Wearable Textile Antenna for ISM Band with Different Dielectric Substrate Materials
pp. 1259-1266
S. Jeyakumara and K. Sakthimurugan

Time Frequency Analysis of LPI radar signals using Modified S transform
pp. 1267-1283
Metuku Shyamsunder and Kakarla Subba Rao

Application of Wavelet Transform in Power System
pp. 1285-1295
Sagar Nimkar, Kiran Dongre, Amol Bhagat and Sadique Ali

Reactive Power Control and Transmission Line Loss Reduction with Realization of FACT Controller
pp. 1297-1310
Kiran Dongre, Sagar Nimkar, Amol Bhagat and Sadique Ali

Grid Power Quality Improvement on Integration of Wind Energy and PV Solar System using STATCOM
pp. 1311-1322
Sagar Nimkar, Kiran Dongre, Amol Bhagat and Sadique Ali

Refinement of Hydel power by implementing FACTS at Narangwal hydroelectric power plant
pp. 1323-1328
Amarbir Singh and Jasvir Singh

Performance Enhancement of the RSA Algorithm by Optimize Partial Product of Booth Multiplier
pp. 1329-1338
Jyoti Kalia and Vikas Mittal

Integer Approximation of Matrix for H.264/AVC Transform to DTT Conversion
Muhammed Yusuf Khan and Tanveer Hasan

Design and Analysis of 8 Data Channel WDM-PON with Free Space Optics Device for Wireless Support using NRZ coding
pp. 1345-1359
Khant Shailesh and Patel Atul






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