International Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems (IJFMS)


Volume 3, Number 2 (2013)





New iterative approach for solving fully fuzzy polynomials
pp. 7583
Authors: A. Jafarian


Divergence measure and its relation to nonspecificity of fuzzy sets
pp. 85-99
Authors: Rogi Jacob, Sunny Kuriakose A


Modified Fuzzy Relation and Its Applications 

pp. 101-107

Authors: Rakesh Kumar Triapathi, K. Dookhitram , Vivek Raich and Hana Tomaskova


The Determinant of an interval valued fuzzy matrix with respect to T-norm and T-Conorm

pp. 109-112
Authors: Rakesh Kumar Tripathi, V. V. Raich, and Sai Hareesh A


Particular Fuzzy Numbers and a Fuzzy Comparison Method between Them 
pp. 113-123
Authors: Saed F. Mallak and Duha M. Bedo


Fuzzy Logic Modeling of Single Slope Single Basin Solar Still
pp. 125-134
Authors: S. Shanmugan and G. Krishnamoorthi


Rough Lattice
pp. 135-151
Authors: B. Praba and R. Mohan


ON Q-Fuzzy N-Subgroup and Q-Fuzzy Ideal of an N-Group
pp. 153-164
Authors: Gopi Kanta Barthakur and Jugal Khargharia


Intuitionistic Fuzzy g*-continuous Mappings and Intuitionistic g*-irresolute Mappings

pp. 165-178

Authors: R. Santhi and M. Rameshkumar





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