International Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems (IJFMS)



Volume 4, Number 2 (2014)





A Generalized Fuzzy inaccuracy measure of order ɑ and type β and coding theorems
pp. 125-134
Authors: M.A.K.Baig and Nusrat Mushtaq

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Spaces and Common Fixed Point Theorems Using Occasionally Weakly Compatible (OWC) Self Mappings
pp. 135-144
Authors: Surendra Singh Khichi and Amardeep Singh

A Study on Triangular Type 2 Triangular Fuzzy Matrices
pp. 145-154
Authors: D.Stephen Dinagar and K.Latha

Some Common Fixed Point Theorems Using Faintly Compatible Maps in Fuzzy Metric Space
pp. 155-160
Authors: Kamal Wadhwa and Ved Prakash Bhardwaj

On Strong Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graph
pp. 161-168
Authors: A.Mohamed Ismayil and A.Mohamed Ali

Solution of Generalized Fuzzy Assignment Problem with Restriction on Costs under Fuzzy Environment
pp. 169-180
Authors: Supriya Kar, Kajla Basu and Sathi Mukherjee

The Fuzzy Harmonic Mean Residual Life Function of Fuzzy Random Variables
pp. 181-192
Authors: J. Earnest Lazarus Piriyakumar and A. Yamuna

On Optimal Total Cost and Optimal Order Quantity for Fuzzy Inventory Model without Shortage
pp. 193-201
Authors: D. Stephen Dinagar and J. Rajesh kannan

Soft pre T1 Space in the Soft Topological Spaces
pp. 203-207
Authors: J. Subhashinin and Dr. C. Sekar


On Fuzzy -ResolvableSpaces
pp. 209-217
Authors: G. Thangaraj and D. Vijayan

A Note on Some Fuzzy Algebraic Structures
pp. 219-226

Authors: Avinash J.Kamble and T.Venkatesh


Some Remarks on Pair wise Fuzzy Weakly Volterra Spaces
pp. 227-235
Authors: G. Thangaraj and V. Chandiran


A Short Note on Fuzzy -Baire Spaces
pp. 237-243
Authors:  G. Thangaraj and E. Poongothai


Pairwise Fuzzy Almost Resolvable Spaces
pp. 245-253
Authors: G. Thangaraj and P. Vivakanandan


Some fixed point theorems in fuzzy cone b-metric spaces
pp. 255267
Author: T. Bag

Fuzzy Hausdorff axiom with respect to fuzzy ideal
pp. 269-273
Author:  S. Selvam






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