International Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems (IJFMS)



Volume 7, Number 1 (2017)





On the g-Inverses of bifuzzy matrices
Authors: E. G. Emam and M. A. Fndh


Optimizing Fuzzy Transportation Problem of Trapezoidal Numbers
Authors: Rajshri Gupta, O.K. Chaudhari and Nita Dhawade


On soft β−open sets

Authors: V.E. Sasikala and D. Sivaraj


(τi, τj)-Fuzzy Maximal δ-Open (Minimal δ-Closed) Sets, (τi, τj)-Fuzzy Maximal δ-semi Open (Minimal δ-semi Closed) Sets in Fuzzy Bitopological Spaces

Authors: Bishnupada Debnath


Solution of Multi-Objective Fuzzy Integer Nonlinear Programming Problem

Authors: C.Loganathan and M.Lalitha





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