International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. (IJHSS)


Volume 2 Number 3, (2012)





Growth of Public Expenditure in Assam: A Comparative Analysis of Pre and Post Economic Reform Periods

pp. 173-193

Authors: Dr. Moon Moon Hussain


Widow Remarriage: A New Dimension of Social Change in India
pp. 195-205
Authors: Dr. Emmanuel Janagan Johnson and Mrs. Shyamala


Impact Assessment of Watershed Development Programme: A Meta Analysis of Chenani Watershed Programme of J&K (India)

pp. 207-222


Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry: A Triangle of Love, Care and Money
pp. 223-225
Authors: Priyambda Singh and Dr. Vikas Jaoolkar


Intangible Bank Erosion: A Threat to the Life of Matla-Bidyadhari Interfluve in Sundarbans
pp. 227-238
Author: Jayanta Gour


Problems and Challenges Faced by the Local Government Authorities in Delivering Health Services in Sri Lanka: A Case Study of Matara Municipal Council
pp. 239-258
Authors: H. U. S. Pradeep and Ranjith Dickwella


India's Security Concern : A Historical Perspective (1947-2005)
pp. 259-281
Author: Dr. N. Sethuraman


Changing Family Cohesion, Communication and Adaptability: A study
Authors: Ragini Mishra, Shabnam Ansari and Sudha Mishra


Study of Cultural Status of Korku Tribes in Madhya Pradesh (With special reference to Betul District)
pp. 289-291
Author: Mukhtar Hussain


Culture, Environment and Development-Understanding the interrelationship
pp. 293-299
Author: Jayashree Saikia


Creating Ethnic Identity: A Movement of Koch Rajbonshis of Assam
pp. 301-310
Authors: Dr Juri Gogoi Konwar and Kaushik Das


Necessity of Education for Removal of Caste System
pp. 311-314
Author: Mamta Sharma


Psycho Social Challenges of Indian Students Studying in Malaysian Universities
pp. 315-323
Authors: Dr. Emmanuel Janagan Johnson and Mrs. Shyamala


Why Communicative English is Intimidating Indian Students?
pp. 325-327
Authors: D. Renukadevi and Dr. M. Kumaresan


Kodaikanal: The Origin and Development of a British Hill Station in India A Historical Study

pp. 329-336

Author: C. Sugumar


Mentalist Conception of Language Teaching

pp. 337-341

Author: Dr. Chander Shekhar Singh


Prevalence of Contraception in Assam A Study Based on NFHS-III, in India

pp. 343-350

Authors: Vinod Kumar and Surendra Kumar


The Indo-US Relationship and the Road that Lies Ahead: A Retrospective Account through the Decades
pp. 351-358
Author: Bipin Kumar Tiwary

Managing Terrorism: A Glimpse at Indo-US Cooperation
pp. 359-366
Author: Bipin Kumar Tiwary







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