International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. (IJHSS)


Volume 3 Number 3, (2013)






Ethnicity and Nationalism: Some Gleanings from Mor Sowanrani by Padmanath Gohain Barooah (1871-1946)

pp. 173-178

Author:Arani Saikia


The State of Education in Post Right to Education Act 2010: Cumulative Enrolment with Humiliating Learning.

pp. 179-181

Author: Fayaz Ahmad Bhat


Influence of HIV/AIDS Media Campaign on Sex Workers in Awka Metropolis, Anambra State, Nigeria

pp. 183-192

Authors: Ezekiel S. Asemah, Leo O.N. Edegoh and Angela N. Nwammuo


Digital Library Enhancement for Remote Access to Library Resources in Kenya

pp. 193-197

Authors: Wangui Mwea, Waweru Mwangi and Wafula Murialo


Environment, Human Security and Livelihood in the Context of North-East India

pp. 199-207

Author: Hiramani Patgiri


Areas of Strength of the BJP in Indian Parliamentary Elections (1989-1991)

pp. 209-217

Authors: Kiran Bala and Sachinder Singh


The CSR Opportunity for Image Building in Oil Marketing Companies in the Context of India’s Fuel Pricing Policy

pp. 219-224

Author: Sreeram R. Gopalkrishnan


Emotion Management in Social Science Doctoral Research: The Concerns of Quality and Relevance

pp. 225-240

Author: Dr. Vinita Pandey


Glocalization of Cartoon Channels in India:Interviews with Channel Experts

pp. 241-264

Author: Ruta Vaidya


A Study on Production of Groundnut in Various Developing Countries

pp. 265-276

Author: Dr. B. Madhusudhana





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