International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. (IJHSS)


Volume 4 Number 1, (2014)





Village as Protagonist in Khushwant Singh’s Train to Pakistan

pp. 1-6

Author: Dr. Krishna Daiya


Epistemic Modality in Angkola Language: A Semantic Prespective

pp. 7-21

Authors: Muhammad Dalimunte and Robert Sibararni


Eighteenth Century Debate: A Re-Appraisal of Persian and Urdu Sources

pp. 23-30

Author: Dr. Md. Shakil Akhtar


The Literary Art of Raja Rao

pp. 31-34

Authors: Abha Mishra and Mokshi Juyal


Workplace Environment for Indian Working Women: Its Importance, Related Problems and their Solutions

pp. 35-39

Author: Meenakshi Neb


Indian Working Women: Dual Workload and Ways to Deal with It

pp. 41-45

Author: Meenakshi Neb


The Contribution of Mass Graves to Healing and Closure: The Case of Chibondoin Mt Darwin, Zimbabwe

pp. 47-56

Author: Everisto Benyera


Badal Sircar’s ‘Common Man’ in His Play ‘Evam Indrajit’

pp. 57-59

Authors: Mokshi Juyal and Abha Mishra


An Analysis of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Policies in South Asia
pp. 61-69


Media and War in Iraq: A Special Analysis of the Wikileaks

pp. 71-81

Author: Rajani Bala


Decentralisation and Local Discretion

pp. 83-87

Author: Smita Yadav


The Politics of Marginalization in Nigeria

pp. 89-93

Author: Smita Yadav


Origin and Growth of Congress Party in Punjab and Participation of Punjabis in Earlier Congress

pp. 95-104

Author: Dr. Neeru Verma


Use of Communication Media by People with Different Lengths of Stay in Volcanic Disaster-Prone Areas1)
pp. 105-111
Authors: Edi Puspito, Sumardjo, Titik Sumarti and Pudji Muljono

Tribal Welfare in India: Myth and Reality
pp. 113-120
Authors: Dr. Pritinanda Mohanty






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