International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. (IJHSS)


Volume 4 Number 2, (2014)






Twenty-first Century Electoral Politics in Southeast Asia: A Political Development in Malaysia
pp. 121-124
Author: Ms. Sneha

Working Mothers: Inspiration for Their Children
pp. 125-127
Author: Meenakshi Neb

Online Shopping: An Increasing Trend in Today’s Life
pp. 129-131
Author: Meenakshi Neb

Working Women: Necessity and Favourable Circumstances
pp. 133-135
Author: Meenakshi Neb

India’s Quest for United Nations Security Council Permanent Seat with Special Reference to its Peace Keeping Credentials
pp. 137-147
Author: Manish Kumar Yadav

CLT in India: Issues and Suggestions
pp. 149-154
Author: Dr. Mallika Tripathi

Dressing: A Gender Issue? Roles Sedimenting to Norms and Influencing Choices
pp. 155-159
Author: Reena Merin Cherian

The Relationship between Human Capital Investment and Productivity in Niger
pp. 161-165
Author: Dr. Seyni Mamoudou, PhD

Popular Memory to Popular Culture: A Case of ‘Odia Bhajan’i Album-videos
pp. 167-169
Author:? Bijaya Kumar Mohanty

Decentralisation of Democracy – The Best Option to Develop Grassroots People in a Developing Country
pp. 171-175
Author: Dr. Subhasish Chatterjee

Anxiety, Depression and Loneliness in Old Age Arthritis Patients: Stressed or Satisfied
pp. 175-176
Author: Kriti Vashishtha

The Historical Road for Common Prosperity of South East Asia
pp. 177-184
Author: Dr (Mrs) Juri Gogoi Konwar

An Analysis of Systemic Functional Linguistics and Local Wisdom in Bilingual Written Discourse of Ethnic Tionghoa Students in Medan
pp. 185-205
Authors: Tien Rafida and Prof. T. Silvana Sinar

Effect of Sowing Time and Seed Rate on Quality Parameters of Root of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera Dunal)
pp. 207-211
Authors: Smita R. chaudhari, V.G.Ingle and Rahul.S. chaudhari

Forecasting of Potato Production in India using ARIMA Model
pp. 213-220
Author: Prema Borkar

Anxiety, Depression and Loneliness in Old Age Arthritis Patients: Stressed or Satisfied
pp. 221-222
Author: Kriti Vashishtha






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