International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. (IJHSS)


Volume 5 Number 1, (2015)





The Globalization of the Financial Markets of Developed Countries
pp. 1-4
Adamova Karine


The Myth and Reality of the Accumulation of Capital, by Investing in Mutual Funds

pp. 5-9

Adamova Karine


India’s Caravan Trade With Central Asia, C 1550-1700

pp. 11-25

Sandip Kumar


Loss of Identity in 'The End of the Party' and The Birthday Party : A Comparative Analysis

pp. 27-31

Ms. Nabamita Das


Woollen Industry during Mughal Period

pp. 33-36

Jozi Ferhan Dar


Environmental Stressors and Its Impact on Human Being

pp. 37-40

Rizwan Hassan Bhat


Some Facts And Figures On Corruption: A Perception Of The Economic Financial Crimes Commission’s Performance In The Bama Local Government Council Of Borno State

pp. 41-53

Baba Gana Kolo


Culture and Identity of The Bodos of Assam
pp. 55-58
Rwisumwi Brahma

The Siege of Cuddalore (1783) – A Historical Study
pp. 59-61
E. Vijayalakshmi

The Urgency of Formulation of Qanun Jinayah For The Good Governance In Aceh
pp. 63-71


Gender, Language and Religion: Negotiating spaces within

pp. 73-77

Srividya S

Juvenile Delinquency: A Thrilling Urban Problem. A Sociological Study In The Slums of Cuttack City of Odisha
pp. 79-90
Sangita Sushree Nayak

Social Media, Politics, And College Students: The Impact Of Social Media Use On Chennai College Students’ Political Knowledge And Political Participation
pp. 91-100
Shanmuga Priya. S and Sakthi





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