International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. (IJHSS)


Volume 5 Number 3, (2015)





People To Mull Over The Politicization Of Public Issues
pp. 187-189
K. Rama Krishna Naidu

Rational Political Consciousness Only way-out to avoid war on Nuclear Age
pp. 191-198
Tarakanta Biswal

Honour Killing: A Global View
pp. 199-210
Nidhi Gupta

Cartoons And Caricatures In Indian Advertising
pp. 211-215
Debasish Chakraborty

Residential Segregation in South Asian Cities: An Investigation of Residential Segregation based on Ethnicity of World Heritage City of Kandy, Sri Lanka
pp. 217-235
RJM Uduporuwa and Lasantha Manawadu

Apprehension Over Compensation: Examining New Welfare Economics in Indian Context
pp. 237-243
Muhammed Salim. A.P

The Portuguese and the Introduction of American Fruit Plants into India
pp. 237-243
Muhammed Salim. A.P

A Study On Employee Stress Management In Colleges
pp. 249-256
Sachin Sachdeva and Nishi Fatma

India’s Perspective towards NPT
pp. 257-260
Shalini Sharma


The Construction of Urbanization in China from the Perspective of Eco-civilization
pp. 261-270
Liu Guangyue

Bhitari Stone Pillar Inscription Of Skandagupta: Reading Between The Lines
pp. 271-280
Jappen Oberoi


A Simple Analysis of the Development of Media Tools in Contemporary China
pp. 281-289
Zhou Xinlei


Mahatma Gandhi the founder of Rational Political Consciousness and Rational Politics in South Africa
pp. 291-312
Tarakanta Biswal





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