International Journal of Librarianship and Administration (IJLA)


Volume 5, Number 3 (2014)





Library Anxiety among Students: A Case Study of Silicon Institute of Technology

pp. 207-225

Nrusingh Kumar Dash ,Dr. Jyotshna Sahoo ,Basudev Mohanty


Role of Rural Libraries in the Development of Community: A Review of Literature

pp. 227-235

Mr. Manohar B. Lamani ,Mr. Anil B. Talawar ,Dr. B. D. Kumbar


A Study on International Standard Serial Number

pp. 237-241

Author: Abhijit Chakrabarti


Scientometric Analysis of the Journal of Soil Biology and Ecology: 2008-2012

pp. 243-256

Author: Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal and Dr. Surendra Kumar


Library Building Facility Layout Design Using Genetic Algorithm

pp. 257-262

Author: Arish Ibrahim ,Anish I


Changing Expectations of IIT Library Users in India

pp. 263-276

Author: Kunwar Singh and Dr. K. C. Das


Job Satisfication Among The Library Professionals Of Engineering Colleges In Ahirwal Region, Haryana: A Case Study

pp. 277-287

Author: Ramchander





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