International Journal of Lakes and Rivers (IJLR)

Volume 4, Number 2 (2011)





Food and Feeding Habits of Tilapia zillii (Pisces: Cichlidae) in a Tropical Man-made Lake


Authors:Felix O. Akinwumi


Managing Climate Change-Related Disasters in Nigeria.


Authors:M.A. Ijioma, E.A. Obienusi and C.I. Enete


Factors Controlling the Diversity of Phytoplankton in Koladhadi Lake of Southern Karnataka State, India


Authors:Vidya Gurkar M.S. and Mahesh M.K.


Statistical Interpretation on the Spatial Surface Water of Some Wetlands in Murshidabad Rarh Plain, West Bengal, India


Authors:Swades Pal


Assessment of Water Quality of Some Selected Sites of Durgapur Industrial Belt, West Bengal, India through Distribution and Abundance of Larval Chironomidae in Relation with Physicochemical Characteristics of Water


Authors:Debolina Kar1, Arnab Banerjee and Debnath Palit


Impact of Agricultural Runoffs on River Shimsha, Maddur, Karnataka, India


Authors:J. Mahadev, Usman Taqui Syed and S. Suresha


Critical Analysis on Effect of Urbanization on the Lakes of Nagpur City, India


Authors:Puri Amit Kaur and Chaturvedi Alka


Flood Management: A Study of Jiadhal River Basin of Assam, India


Authors:Dr. Swapnali Gogoi





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