International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (IJMER)


Volume 3  Number 1 (2013)




Wind Induced Vibration of a Tall Steel Chimney
pp. 1-8
Authors: Shreyas Kulkarni, Dattatraya Jadhav and Pravin Khadke


A Novel System for Speech Recognition
pp. 9-16
Authors: Ande Stanly Kumar, Dr.K.Mallikarjuna Rao, and Dr.A.Bala Krishna,


Basic Study of a Compact Double Acting Engine Design

pp. 17-30

Author: Euich Miztani


Assessment of Quasi Steady solution withExact Solution for Transient Heat Conduction through Long Fin
pp. 31-40
Authors: Dr. Rahul Salhotra and Harbans Singh Ber

Pressure Distribution inside the Fixed Bucket of Pelton Wheel
pp. 41-48
Authors: Gaurangkumar C. Chaudhari, Samip P. Shah, Digvijay B. Kulshreshatha and S.A. Channiwala

Surface Roughness Study on A390 Aluminium Material using Carbon Nanotubes
pp. 49-52
Authors: A. John Presin Kumar and R.K. Chitharthan

Review of Fuzzy Approach to Part Family Formation
pp. 53-55
Authors: A. John Presin Kumar and V. Paulson

A Review on the Properties of Different Fiber Reinforced Composites
pp. 57-59
Authors: A. John Presin Kumar and A. Julius Pusic

Improvement in Wear Behaviour of A390 Aluminium Alloy Using Carbon Nanotubes
pp. 61-64
Authors: A. John Presin Kumar and K. Yoga Narasimhulu


Development and Testing of a Pilot Palm Kernel Oil Expeller

pp. 65-74

Authors: Amiebenomo, S.O. Omorodion I.I and Igbinoba J.O


Application of Response Surface Method for the Tribological Behaviour of A390 Aluminium Alloy

pp. 75-78

Authors: A. John Presin Kumar and G. Muthukumaran


Surface Roughness Study on EN24 Steel Material using Chromium Nitrate Nanocoated Tool
pp. 79-81

Authors: A. John Presin Kumar and R. Radha





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