International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (IJMER)



Volume 4  Number 2  (2014)




Effect of Gypsum on Mechanical Properties of ZA- 27+ZrSiO4 Alloy
pp. 93-98
Authors: Nalaraj, Chittappa and B.S Ajayakumar

FE Analysis on Vehicle Bumper Using Different Materials and Speeds
pp. 99-110
Authors: CH. Vijaya Kumar, J Abhilash, Madarapu Anjaiah and Ananda Vemula Mohan

Power Generation from Foot Pressure using Rack and Pinion Mechanism
pp. 111-117
Authors: K.Harshavardhan Reddy, S.vinay kumar, N.vinod kumar reddy and k.maheswara reddy

Comparision of Materials and Optimization of Two-wheeler Connecting Rod using Static Analysis
pp. 119-133
Author: Shashi Kant

Optimization of Location and Size of Auxiliary Holes for Stress Reduction in Axially Loaded Plate with Circular Hole
pp. 135-141
Author: Hardik Acharya


A Molecular and Thermodynamic Analysis of the Enthalpy of Ammonium Ion Hydration and its Implications for the Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration System

pp. 143-148

Author: Satyendra Sunkavally  and Muzeer Shaik








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