International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (IJMER)



Volume 8 Number 1  (2018)




A Study On Heat Reduction Energy Efficiency Measures Through Sustainable Initiatives
Eduardo Fernandez

Modelling, Simulation and PQ Analysis of PWM DC –AC Converter
Claudia Gómez-Santillán

SIPp: Enhancement in SIP user Agents Emulation
Laura Cruz-Reyes

Application of Metaheuristic Approach In Parallel Flow Line Scheduling
Nelson Rangel-Valdez

Optimizing Energy Consumption and Providing Security Using Hybrid Approach in MANET
Nelson Rangel-Valdez, Shulamith Bastiani and Shulamith Bastiani

Spectral Graph Wavelet Theory Based Person Authentication System Using Multispectral Palmprint Images
Fernando Pech

Reliable Grid Scheduler With Failure Prediction Using System Logs
Alicia Martinez

Capping Technique to “Rapid Sand Filter”
Hugo Estrada





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