International Journal of Mechanical and Material Sciences Research (IJMMSR)


Volume 8 Number 2, (2018)





Comparison and Analysis of Sisal and Jute Fiber with Crushed PCB Using Epoxy Resin and Cashewnut Shell Resin

pp. 89-97

P.Sivasankaran, R.Karthikeyan and E. Suresh


Constructive Methods of Forming Surfaces

Daoli Huang


Mobile Robot Controlled for Tracking a Moving Object

Hung-Yu Chien


Neonatal Seizure Detection using Time-Frequency Renyi Entropy of HRV signals

Pieter Robyns


Baseline Wander Correction and Impulse Noise Suppression Using Cascaded Empirical Mode Decomposition and Improved Morphological Algorithm

Bram Bonné and Peter Quax





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