International Journal of Mechanics and Solids (IJM&S)


Volume 12, Number 1 (2017)






FEA Simulation Approach for Braking Linkage: A Comparison through Cross-section Modification
pp. 1-13
Atul Kumar Kaushik, Amit Goyal, Punit Kumar Rohilla and Amandeep

Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Parameters for AA3003 Aluminum Alloy Joints Using Response Surface Methodology
pp. 15-26
Amit Goyal, Punit Kumar Rohilla and Atul Kumar Kaushik

Optimization of Brake Pedal Using Finite Element Simulation
pp. 27-40
Amandeep, Atul Kumar Kaushik, Amit Goyal and Punit Kumar Rohilla

Finite Element Simulation of Brake Pedal Linkage of Tractor
pp. 41-51
Amandeep, Atul Kumar Kaushik, Amit Goyal and Punit Kumar Rohilla

Analytical Evaluation of Steering Errors in a Front Wheel Steered Vehicle
pp. 53-59
Ranbir Singh, Sandeep Phogat and Kanwarpal

Stir Casting Process in Particulate Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite: A Review

pp. 61-69
Suman Kant and Ajay Singh Verma


Experimental Investigation on Expansive Soil Stabilization by Using Steel Slag
pp. 71-76
Chippada Srinivas

A Comparison between Isotropic and Transversely Isotropic Thermoelastic Solids with Two Temperature and without Energy Dissipation in Frequency Domain Due to Concentrated Force
pp. 77-88
Parveen Lata

Low Cost Confinement of Masonry Columns
pp. 89-95
Tawseef Ahmad Mir, Javed Ahmad Bhat and Syed Mujtiba Hussain


Effect of Steel Bracings on RC Framed Structure
pp. 97-112
Anes Babu, Chandan KumarPatnaikuni, Balaji, K.V.G.D and B.Santhosh Kumar

Development of Synthetic Unit Hydrogaph at Kakkadavu Dam
pp. 113-124
Azhar Husain

A Review on Material Selection and Fabrication of Composite Solid Rocket Motor (SRM) Casing
pp. 125-138
Singuru Rajesh, Gamini Suresh and R.Chandra Mohan

Vulnerability Assessment of Geo Polymer Concrete
pp. 139-150
Bhavani Chowdary T and Ranga rao V






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