International Journal of Mechanics and Solids (IJM&S)


Volume 13, Number 1 (2018)






Free Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Plate using FSDT with Finite Element Approach

pp. 1-8
Gururaj Yadawad and R. J. Fernandes

Systems of Management and Tendency of Development of Organic Dairy Cattle Breeding in The World and Kazakhstan
Qiang Hu

Matrix Of MEMS Pressure Transducers For Tactile Diagnostics Devices
Zhen Zhao

The Nanostructured Coating Based On Carbon And Silver
JunWei Du

The Development Of Titanium BT1-0 Deformation Twins Under Repeated Exposure Of Concentrated Load
Dai Shengxin

Prediction of Development Prospects of Roller Support Designs For Conveyor Systems
Hong Mei

Guo Bing Of Lixiviation In A Disintegrator
Guo Bing

Improvise Overpasses: Study on Utilizing Spaces belo
w Flyover
Qifang Luo

An Improved Neural Network Learning Algorithm Using Glow-worm Swarm Optimization for Software Defect Prediction
Qifang Luo






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