International Journal of Mechanics and Solids (IJM&S)



Volume 14, Number 2 (2019)





Study of Improvement in Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of LM25 Alloy with the Addition of Grain Refiners / Modifier
Ekkachan Rattanalerdnusorn, Visut Savangsuk and Je Sen Teh

Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of Parameters for the Gasification of High Ash Indian Coal
Azman Samsudin, Hongyan Cui and Hongyan Cui

Optimization of Outside Unevenness and Substance Elimination Pace in Milling Zirconia Ceramic Material using Taguchi Technique and Regression Analysis
Xiaofei Liu

Weight Optimization of Gear Casing for 4R810 Diesel Engine
Tao Yu

Some Applications of Multivalent Functions Defined by Extended Fractional Differintegral Operator
Honggang Zhang

Effect of Lubrication on a Surface parameter of Strip in Cold Rolling with Oil in Water Emulsion
Yajun Fang







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