International Journal of Mechanics and Solids (IJM&S)

Volume 5, Number 1 (2010)




Finite Element Analysis of Laminated Composite Beams for Zigzag Theory using MATLAB
pp. 1-14
Authors: M. Naushad Alam and Nirbhay Kr. Upadhyay

Study on Strength and Durability Characteristics Glass Fibre Concrete
pp. 15-26
Authors: K. Chandramouli, P. Srinivasa Rao, N. Pannirselvam, T. Seshadri Sekhar and P. Sravana


Time-temperature equivalency of Raphia Vinifera L. (Arecaceae) under Compression
pp. 27-33
Authors: P.K. Talla, A. Fomethe, M. Fogue, A. Foudjet and G. N. Bawe

Experimental Estimation of Mixed Mode I/II Fracture Toughness of SE(B) Specimen of Aluminum Alloys
pp. 35-48
Authors: R. Ravichandaran and G. Thanigaiyarasu

Propagation of Love Waves in Nonlocal Elastic Medium with Material Boundary
pp. 49-53
Authors: S. Raj Reddy and B. Ramabrahmam

Influence of Constant Stresses on Rayleigh Waves under Gravity Effect
pp. 55-60
Authors: S. Raj Reddy


Experimental Investigation on The Behavior of R.C.C. Beam-Column Joints Retrofitted with GFRPCFRP Hybrid Wrapping Subjected to Load Reversal
pp. 61-69
Authors:  S. Robert Ravi and G. Prince Arulraj


Dynamic Buckling of Perfect Plastic Columns
pp. 71-80
A. Abdel Gawad, I. Rashwan and M. Nassar





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