International Journal of Mechanics and Solids (IJM&S)

Volume 5, Number 2 (2010)




Free Vibration Analysis of a Bernoulli-Euler Beam Carrying a two degree-Of-freedom Spring Mass System
pp. 81-94
Authors: M. Bala Chennaiah, N. Mohan Rao, V. Sudheer Kumar, D. Hema and A. Sreenivasulu

Propagation of Waves at an Interface Between a Thermally Conducting Liquid Half-Space and a Thermoelastic Half-Space with Diffusion
pp. 95-109
Authors: Baljeet Singh, Lakhbir Singh and Sunita Deswal

Experimental Investigation of Cutting Tool Vibrations by Replacing Various Thermoplastic Gears and its Comparison with Metal Gears in the Feed Box of Lathe Machine
pp. 111-122
Authors: V.G. Arajpure, P.M. Padole and Kshitij Gupta


Projectile Penetration Analysis in Armour Using Finite Element Method
pp. 123-129
Authors: P. Velmurugan, P. Balasubramanian and G. Thanigaiyarasu


Finite Element Analysis of Extended Endplate Beam to Column Bolted Steel Connection
pp. 131-141
Authors: D.K. Mishra and S.K. Srivastava

Fatigue Analysis of Connecting Rod using ANSYS Code 
pp. 143-150
Authors: Shyam Bihari Lal, Abhishek Tevatia and S.K. Srivastava

Nonlinear Creep Behavior of Raphia Vinifera L. Arecacea under Flexural Load
pp. 151-172
Authors: P.K. Talla, E. Foadieng, M. Fogue, J. S. Mabekou, F. B. Pelap,A. F. Sinju and A. Foudjet

Effect of Chromium on Hardness and Tensile Properties of Fe-0.35 wt% P Based P/M Alloys
pp. 173-179
Authors: Deepika Sharma, Kamlesh Chandra and Prabhu Shankar Misra





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