International Journal of Mechanics and Solids (IJM&S)


Volume 6, Number 2 (2011)




Direct Moment Distribution Method for Frames with Lateral Sway
Authors:Yu Zhang, Bin Tao and Feng Xi


Response Reduction for Seismic Excitation in High Rise Structures using Dynamic Damping
Authors:M.V.N. Sivakumar


Integrity Assessment of the Yield Locus under a Plastic Flow for the Failure of Notched Bars Subjected to a Complex Behavior

:Jad Jelwan, Garth Pearce and Mahiuddin Chowdhry


Finite Design for Hydrodynamic Pressures on Immersed Moving Surfaces
Authors:C.C. Ihueze and S.M. Ofochebe


Disturbance of SH-type Waves due to Shearing-Stress Discontinuity in a Visco-elastic Layered Half-Space
Authors:P.C. Pal and B. Sen


Variation in Surface Contact Stress due to Change in Theoretical Geometry to Actual Geometry
Authors:Abhitab Dubey


Interaction Effect of Auxiliary Holes for Mitigation of Stress Concentration in Isotropic Plate with Central Circular Hole Subjected to In-Plane Loading
:Shubhrata Nagpal, S. Sanyal and N.K. Jain


Development of Natural Fiber [palmarchontophoenix- beatrice Fiber] Composites using Injection Moulding Method


Authors:Abhitab Dubey, N.D. Mittal and Geeta Agnihotri


Micromechanical Analysis of FRP Composites Subjected to Thermal Loading

pp. 167-174

Authors: N. Krishna Vihari, P. Phani Prasanthi and Dr. V. Bala Krishna Murthy


Modelling and Analysis for Solidification of Casting Process

pp. 175-189

Authors: Jawed Rafiq and Dr. D.K. Singh


Modeling Creep in a Functionally Graded Thick Cylinder by using Finite Element Analysis

pp. 191-204

Authors: Singh Amrinder, Garg Manish, Saini B.S. and Gupta V. K.





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