International Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications (IJNA)

Volume 13, Number 1  (2019)



Magnetism of low concentration MT (MT = Ti, V, Cr)-doped AlN zincblende density functional theory study

Dongqin Feng

On The Division of Speech Signals On Homogeneous Segments

Zhihua Li

A Look to Different Approaches for the Detection and Correction of Anomalous Propagation in Meteorological Radars for Its Application in Colombia

Chun-Juan Ouyang

Composition and Morphology of Metal Microparticles In Paleozoic Sediments of Caspian Depression

Ning Yu

Cyber-Physical System Simulation for Effective Coke Logistics

Steven Wen

Evaluation Of External Fixation Device Stiffness For Rotary Osteotomy

Muhammad Khurram Khan

Data mining and neural networks for the analysis of the correlation coefficient in C-band meteorological radars

Chao Yuan

The Influence Of Nonionic Surfactants and Β-Cyclodextrin On The State Of 5-Phenylthio-8-Mercaptoquinoline In Aqueous Media

Mi-xue Xu





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