International Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications (IJNA)

Volume 14, Number 1  (2020)



Magnetic properties induced by Mn atom in ZnO from theoretical study

Omer Faruk Bay

Miscibility studies of polyvinyl pyrrolidone / polyether sulfone blends by viscosity, ultrasonic velocity and polarized optical microscopic methods
Hector Santoyo-Garcia

Effect of Entropy Generation in Viscoelastic Fluid over a Stretching Surface with Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink and Thermal Radiation
Eduardo Fragoso-Navarro

Adoption of Free and Open Source Software in India
Clara Cruz-Ramos

Anomalous Behavior on the Electrical Properties of Cu2+ Substitution in Li-ferrite
Mariko Nakano-Miyatake and Nishaal J. Parmar

Temperature Effect on the Performance of a GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs Quantum Well Laser
Pramode K. Verma

Study the weld Region by Friction Stir Welding of AA5086-H32 by Using a FillerAA6061-T6.
Yuan-Yu Tsai




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