International Journal of Materials Sciences (IJoMS)


Volume 10  Number 2,  (2015)






Structural and Morphological Studies of CdS Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique
pp. 95-102
Kh. Kamala Devi, S. Bidyaswor Singh, L. Raghumani Singh, S. Nabadwip Singh and A. Nabachandra Singh

Design, Analysis And Fabrication Of Multi Cavity Injection Mould For A Pipe Joint Cup
pp. 103-114
G. Unitha and K. Chandra Shekar

Fabrication and characterization of Al-Cu alloys and Cu metal matrix composite using stir-casting technique
pp. 115-132
P. Vijaya Kumar Raju, J. Babu Rao, N.R.M.R. Bhargava and S. Rajesh

Sliding Wear Characteristics of Fiber Reinforced Fillers Filled Polymer Based Composites: A Review
pp. 133-169
Ashok Kumar. R. Tavadi, N. Mohan, C. R. Mahesha

Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Validation of Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel for CNG Storage
pp. 171-176
M. Radhika, K. Chandra Shekar and G.V. Rao

Experimental investigation for Welding aspects of AISI 316 Austenitic Stainless Steel
pp. 177-182
Abhirav Mathur, Mohammed Areeb Muneer, G. Sai Mani Sarat Kumar and K. Chandra Shekar

Drilling analysis and process modeling of [0/90/0] oriented glass fiber reinforced epoxy plastic (GFRP) composite laminates
pp. 183-193
Jaimon D. Quadros, Vaishak N. L, Suhas and Manoj Kumar A. P

Analyzing Critical Constructs of Service Qualityin Global Fast Food Retailing
pp. 195-206
Elizabeth. N and Josiah Solomon. N





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