International Journal of Materials Sciences


Volume 4  Number 2  (2009)





Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of Glass Fabric/Epoxy Honeycomb Sandwich Composite
pp. 89-100
Authors: M.D. Antony Arul Prakash, B. Mohan and C. Praglathan

Finite Element Analysis of Low-velocity Impact Damage Tolerance on Composite Laminates
pp. 101-114
Authors: N. Rajesh Mathivanan, J. Jerald and K. Divya

Experimental Study of Induced and Residual Stresses in Cold Expanded Holes by Ball and Tapered Mandrel Methods
pp. 115-123
Authors: H D Gopalakrishna, A V Suresh, H N Narasimha Murthy, M Krishna and M S Vinod

Reaction Kinetic Studies of Barium Hexaferrite Nanoparticles Synthesized by Co-Precipitation Method
pp. 125-134
Authors: Sachin Tyagi, R.C. Agarwala and Vijaya Agarwala

Optimization of Machining Parameters for Titanium Alloys
pp. 135-140
Authors: K. Kishore, V.V. Satyanarayana and Syed Yousufuddin

Experimental Studies on Erosion Rate of Carbon Steel Economizer Tubes of Power Boilers by Fly Ash Particles
pp. 141-149
Authors: T A. Daniel Sagayaraj, S. Suresh and M. Chandrasekar

Characterization of Microstructure of AlSi Alloy in Centrifugal Casting
pp. 151-155
Authors: K S Keerthi Prasad, M S Murali, S C Sharma and P G Mukunda

Influence of Chill and Reinforcement on the Wear Properties of Al-12% Si /B4C Composites
pp. 157-162
Authors: G.R. Bharath Sai Kumar and S. Gopal Prakash

Low-Temperature Synthesis of ZnO by Wet Chemical Method
pp. 163-168
Authors: Ashkan Keshavarzi, Abdul Halim Abdullah and Zulkarnain Zainal

Temperature Dependent Dielectric Behavior of Neodymium Substituted Barium Titanate Ceramic Compounds
pp. 169-175
Author: Dalveer Kaur and S. Bindra Narang





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