International Journal of Materials Sciences


Volume 4  Number 5  (2009)




Soft Tissue Augmentation in Albino Rat by Phytopharamceutical Incorporated Collagen Scaffold

pp. 511-519
Authors: S. Kirubanandan and P.K. Sehgal

Palladium Nanocrystal Synthesis Using Curcuma longa Tuber Extract

pp. 521-527
Authors: M. Sathishkumar, K. Sneha, and Y.-S. Yun

Study of Effects of Tetrodotoxin on Mammalian Brain Tissue Using Iron Nanoparticle-Ttx Conjugate

pp. 529-540
Authors: Gaurav Lalwani, Ojas Mahapatra, Sai Pavan G.T., and Kantha D. Arunachalam

Synthesis and Comparitive Effect of Iron Nanoparticles on The Antibacterial Activity of Different Antibiotics

pp. 541-548
Sai Pavan G.T., Gaurav Lalwani and Kantha. D. Arunachalam

Preparation and Characterization of ZnO-CdS Quantum Dots
pp. 549-556
Authors: K.U. Madhu, T.H. Freeda and C.K. Mahadevan

Experimental Study on Direct Integration of Carbon Nanotubes on Micromachined Hotplates

pp. 557-565
Authors: M.V. Aditya Nag, V. Raj Kumar Goud, D. Pavan Kumar and K.S. Kasyap

Synthesis and Characterization of 1, 1-bis (3-methyl -4-cyanato Phenyl Cyclohexane) Epoxy Organic-inorganic (OMMT) Clay Hybrid Nanocomposites

pp. 567-576
Authors: S. Ramesh, A. Sivasamy and M. Alagar

Studies on The Growth, Optical, Thermal and Etching of Tris Thiourea Glycine A Nonlinear Optical Crystal

pp. 577-584

Authors: L. Mariappan, S. Devashankar, R. Siddheswaran, M. Rathnakumari and P. Sureshkumar

Normally–On AlGaAs/InGaAs HEMT Structure Simulation

pp. 585-594
Authors: K S M Panicker and M Sumi

Prediction of Film Thickness Deposited Using Spray Pyrolysis

pp. 595-601
Authors: V. Senthilnathan, S. Ganesan, V.M. Ramesh, D. Ranjith Kumar and C. Charles Abraham

Synthesis of Ni Nanowires Using PAA Templates for High Density Data Storage Applications

pp. 603-611
Authors: Fahad Ali Usmani and Rajeev Gupta

Electrical Properties of ZNSXO1-X Nanocomposites

pp. 613-620
Authors: G. Janita Christobel, M. Vimalan and C.K. Mahadevan

Optical and Electrical Properties of Mixed Phase Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) Nanocrystaline Films Deposited by Dc Magnetron Sputtering Technique

pp. 621-626
Authors: V. Senthilkumar, M. Jayachandran and C. Sanjeeviraja

Optical, Mechanical and Surface Analysis on Potassium Boromalate Monohydrate Grown by SR Method

pp. 627-634
Authors: R. Priya, C. Justin Raj, S. Krishnan, S. Dinakaran, R. Robert and S. Jerome Das

Single Molecular Junction Electron Transport: Effect Of Contact Symmetricity And Distance 

pp. 635-640
Authors: P. Aruna Priya, C. Preferenical Kala and D. John Thiruvadigal

Preparations and Characterizations of Basic Magnesium Carbonates Using Natural Brine as Precursor

pp. 641-648
Authors: T. Selvamani and I. Mukhopadhyay

Optical and Electrical Conductivity for (PEO+ NiSO4) polymer Electrolytes

pp. 649-654
Authors: Devendrappa. H and M.V.N. Ambika Prasad

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles of Ba2PrSbO6: A Complex Perovskite Material

pp. 655-663
Authors: V.T. Kavitha, V. Ratheesh Kumar, P.R.S. Wariar and J. Koshy





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