International Journal of Materials Sciences


Volume 5  Number 3 (2010)




Perspectives on Light Scattering of Fluid Flowing Over a Surface
pp. 279287
Authors: Giridhar Venugopal

Simulation Studies on Modeling and Analysis of 3D C-SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites Using Finite Element Approach
pp. 289298
Authors: S. Khadar Vali1, P. Ravinder Reddy, P. Ram Reddy , Ratnakar Pandu 

Mechanical Properties on Areca Fiber Reinforced Phenol Formaldyhyde Composites
pp. 299308
Authors: G. Manavendra, S. Kumarappa, C.S. Baskar Dixit and G. C. Mohan Kumar

Effect of pH on Macroporosity of Hydroxyapatite Prepared by Foaming and Gelcasting using Ovalbumin
pp. 309318
Authors: D. Thenmuhil, M. Raajenthiren and V. Kamaraj

Mechanical Properties of Hybrid FRP Composite with Fiber-Matrix Interface Debond
pp. 319328
Authors: K. Sivaji Babua, K. Mohana Raob, V. Rama Chandra Rajuc, V. Bala Krishna Murthyd and M.S.R. Niranjan Kumare

Development of Natural Fiber [Palm- Archontophoenix-Beatrice Fiber] Composites
pp. 329336
Authors: Abhitab Dubey and N.D. Mittal

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of as Cast Fe-xAl-0.6C Lightweight Steel
pp. 337344
Authors: Ratna Kartikasari, Soekrisno, M. Noer Ilman, Suyitno

Comparison of Conventional Light Sources with Energy Saving LEDs for Outdoor Lighting Applications
pp. 345350
Authors: V. Balasubramanian and C. Sekar

Impedance Spectroscopy and σdcStudies of nano-sized Magnesium Ferrite
pp. 351359
Authors: A.M. Bhavikatti, Subhash Kulkarni and A. Lagashetty 

Enhancement of Magnetization in SmCo5/Fe65Co35/SmCo5 Nanocomposite Spring Exchange Magnets using Magnetron Sputtering
pp. 361365
Authors: Furrukh Shahzad and Saadat Anwar Siddiqi

Modelling and Simulation of Bubble Behaviour in Soderberg Pot for Enhanced Current Efficiency
pp. 367376
Authors: C. Karuppannan and T. Kannadasan


Modeling, Optimization and Comparison of Pitting Corrosion Properties of GTA and FS Welded LM25-SIC Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 377-392
Authors: P. Venugopal and N. Murugan

Effect of Structural Morphology on the Electrochemical Behaviour of Ni78Si8B14 alloy in 1 M HNO3 Aqueous Medium
pp. 393-397
Authors: Shubhra Mathur, Rishi Vyas, K. Sachdev and S.K. Sharma

Analysis of Cutting Forces and Temperature During Turning of Materials with Different Hardness Values
pp. 399-409
Authors: P.B. Nagaraj, Shrishail Kakkeri and P. Dinesh

Modeling of the Cutting Interaction During Food Processing, Such as Cheese or Potato
pp. 411-430
Authors: Debao Zhou and Gary McMurray

Investigation on Growth and Properties of a Nonlinear Optical Crystal, L-Lysine Glycine Dihydrochloride (L-LGHCl)
pp. 431-439
Authors: C. Esther Jeyanthi, K. Rajarajan and R. Siddheswaran

Synthesis and Photoluminescence Characterization of Li3xLa1-xVO4:Eu3+ 
pp. 441-444
Authors: V.B. Bhatkar

Contribution of Biomaterials to Orthopaedics as Bone Implants A Review
pp. 445-463
Authors: D. Chandramohan and K. Marimuthu




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