International Journal of Materials Sciences


Volume 5  Number 4 (2010)




Pack cementation of SOFC Ferritic Stainless Steel Interconnects in a Co-base Pack Mixture
pp. 465-472
Authors: Hadi Ebrahimifar and Morteza Zandrahimi

Spectro Photo Metric Determination of IRON (III) Using Ciprofloxacin as Complexing Agent
pp. 473-478
Authors: S. Mohanapriya and P. Kalugasalam

Ameliorated Isothermal and Cyclic Oxidation Resistance of Coated AISI 430 Ferritic Stainless Steel
pp. 479-486
Authors: Hadi Ebrahimifar and Morteza Zandrahimi

Novel Coating for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Interconnections 
pp. 487-494
Authors: Hadi Ebrahimifar and Morteza Zandrahimi

Fault Detection of Ball in Precision Instrument Ball Bearings 
pp. 495-501
Authors: A. Ghanbari, A.A. Ghaderi and M.T. Allahyary

Effect of Mismatch in Younng’s Modulus on Micromechanical Behaviour of FRP Composites under Longitudinal Loading
pp. 503-509
Authors: P. Phani Prasanthi, V. Bala Krishna Murthy U. Koteswara Rao and K. Mohana Rao


Erosion Analysis of Strain Hardened Bent-Tubes of Carbon Steel Economizer of Power Boilers by Fly Ash Particles
pp. 511-522
Authors: T.A. Daniel Sagayaraj and S. Suresh

Implant Corrosion & Osteo-integration 
pp. 523-536
Authors: Rahul Bhola, Shaily M. Bhola, Amitabh Tewari and Brajendra Mishra

Physical Properties of Pure and Copper Oxide Doped Polystyrene Films 
pp. 537-545
Authors: Omed Gh. Abdullah and Dana S. Muhammad

Investigation of Heat Treatment on the Torsional Aspects of H13 Alloy Steels
pp. 547-556
Authors: Mayas M. Mahasneh, Ubeidulla F. Al-Qawabeha and S.M.A. Al-Qawabah

Tribological Behavior of Cryogenically Treated Al/Al2SiO5/C Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites (HMMCs)
pp. 557-563
Authors: M.G. Anantha Prasad, Joel Hemanth and S. George Milton

One Dimensional Conductivity of Lead Phthalocyanine Thin Films on Glass and KCl Substrate
pp. 565-570
Authors: P. Kalugasalam and S. Ganesan

X-Ray Powder Diffraction and Thermal Study of Esomeprazole Magnesium Hydrated Forms
pp. 571-579
Authors: B. Linga Reddy, P. Rama Devi and N.V.V.S.S. Raman

Development of Chilled Aluminum Alloy-Silica Glass Particulate Composites and Its Property Evaluation
pp. 581-591
Authors: B. Adaveesh

Effect of Adition of Small Volume Fraction Al2O3 Reinforcement on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Al-Si Alloy based MMCs
pp. 593-606
Authors: B. Adaveesh




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