International Journal of Materials Sciences


Volume 5  Number 6 (2010)




Compacting Characteristics of Aluminum-10 wt % Fly Ash-Lead Metal Matrix Composites
pp. 777-783
Authors: S. Pichi Reddy, B. Ramana and A. Chennakesava Reddy

Chemical Resistance and Flexural Properties of Glass and Bamboo Fibers Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Hybrid Composites
pp. 785-790
Authors: E. Venkata Subba Reddy, G. Ramachandra Reddy, A. Varada Rajulu and K. Hemachandra Reddy

Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Behaviour of Friction-Stir Welded Aluminium Alloy 2024-T3 under Local Preheating
pp. 791-800
Authors: Mochammad Noer Ilman and Triyono

Effect of Tempering Temperature on Three Body Wear Behavior of 50B50 Grade Boron Steel
pp. 801-809
Authors: Tribhuwan Kishore Mishra, Prashant Baredar and A.C. Saxena

Mechanical Properties of Ramie Fibers Reinforced Biobased Material Alternative as Natural Matrix Biocomposite
pp. 811-824
Authors: Mujiyono, Jamasri, B.R. Heru Santoso and J.P. Gentur Sutapa

Ionic Transport Study of PEO: Mg(ClO4)2 Electrolyte and its Application to Electrochemical Cell
pp. 825-829
Authors: M. Jaipal Reddy and U.V. Subba Rao

Nonlinear Analysis for Interlaminar Stresses in Cross-Ply Laminates with A Circular Cutout
pp. 831-838
Authors: V.V. Sridhara Raju, V. Bala Krishna Murthy and J. Suresh Kumar

Application of Porous Material (Zeolite y) In Water Treatment 
pp. 839-846
Authors: S. Dheeraj, N. Sateesh A.L Choudhary and U.D. Joshi

The Effect of Sliding Velocity on the Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Heat Treated Al-7.25Si-0.45Mg Alloy
pp. 847-862
Authors: Annaiah, Soma v chetty and Sudheer Prem Kumar

Evaluation of Modal Parameters in Laminated Composites with Different Fiber Reinforcement
pp. 863-868
Authors: K. Mahesh Dutt and H.K Shivanand




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