International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 13 Number 2,  (2019)





Analysis of Production Factors of Litopenaeus vannamei Enlargement in Ngombol District, Purworejo Regency

pp. 259-268

Fajar Nur Hidayat, Azis Nur Bambang and Sarjito


Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Based Marine Environment Monitoring System

pp. 269-276

M.Karpagam and D.Prabha


Perception and Participation about Work Safety in Fisheries of Vertical Longline Ship Fishing at PPN Prigi Trenggalek Regency, East Jawa

pp. 277-291

Irham Fanani Basya, Azis Nur Bambang and Herry Boesono


FPGA Implementation of Image Acquisition in Marine Environment

pp. 293-300

V.R.Balaji, J.Sathiya Priya and J.R.Dinesh Kumar


Perceptions of Hygienic Fish Marketing Implementation in Klidang Lor 1, Batang Central Java

pp. 301-307

Muhammad Rizqi Hasani, Djoko Suprapto and Dian Wijayanto


Application of Probiotic that are in Isolation From Giant Prawns and Black Tiger Shrimps on the Leukocytes of Nile Tilapia (Oreocromis niloticus) Infected by Streptococcus. Iniae

pp. 309-324

Iesje Lukistyowati, F. Feliatra and Adelina Adelina


Abundance and Diversity of Fish Larvae Assemblages in Omani Coastal Waters of Salalah Region (the Arabian Sea)

pp. 325-341

Nadir M. Al-Abri, Sergey A. Piontkovski, Mahnaz Rabbaniha, Mohammed Al-Abri and Tatyana Chesalina


A Study of Remote Sensing in Oceanographic Research

pp. 343-352

M. Balasubramanian and S.Balakrishnan


Performance of Lagrangian DrifteR OceanograpHy CoverageE Area (RHEA): Second Phase
pp. 353-361
Noir P. Purba, Ibnu Faizal, Putri G. Mulyani, Nico Prayogo, Tutut Prasetyo and Alexander M. A. Khan


Proposed Artificial Island City Near Kovalam at Bay of Bengal
pp. 363-375
Sampathkumar V and P.Mohana

Population dynamics of copepods (Lamproglena monodi Capart, 1944) Tilapia parasites from the Senegal River – Mauritania
pp. 377-387
M’bareck I, Shawket N., Aba M., Youssir S., Beyah M., El kharrim K., Loukili A. and Belghyti D.

A model Study for Dredge Volume Calculation at the Red Sea
pp. 389-394
Faisal ALThobiani and Shamji V.R.


Seasonal Variations of Plankton Communities in Coastal Waters of Oman
pp. 395-426
K.A. Al-Hashmi, S.A.Piontkovski, G. Bruss, W.Hamza, M.Al-Junaibi, Yu.Bryantseva and E.Popova

Seasonal and Interannual Variations of Yellowfin Tuna Catches along the Omani Shelf
pp. 427-454
Saud Al Jufaili and Sergey A. Piontkovski






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