International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 2  Number 1 (2007)




Review of limnological and oceanographic data base in Iraq during 1973-1977
pp. 1-16

Massoud A.H. Saad

Characteristics of SST over the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal
pp. 17-23

C.A. Babu, Asha S Philip and P.V. Hareesh kumar

Environmental Stress of Kuwait's Coastal Area Due to the 1991 Oil Slick
pp. 25-50

A.N. Al-Ghadban, F. Al-Yamani, A. Al- Sammak, R. Al-Hassam, M. Behbehani, J. Al-Hassan, R. Al-Rushaid, H. Al-Shemmari,  K. Al-Matrouk, A. Al-Khabaz and M. Bahloul


Seasonality of the bloom-forming heterotrophic dinoflagellate Noctiluca scintillans in the Gulf of Oman in relation to environmental conditions
pp. 51-60

Adnan Al-Azri, Khalid. Al-Hashmi, Joaquim Goes, Helga Gomes, I. Ahmed Rushdi, Harub Al-Habsi, Salem Al-Khusaibi, Raya Al-Kindi and Nasser Al-Azri

Some ecological studies on hydrophytes from Shatt Al-Arab River
pp. 61-68

Muhamed S. Al-Asadi, Abdul M. Talal and Khadiga K. Hreeb

Spatial and Temporal Variability in Larval Decapod Abundance in Kuwait’s Waters off Bubiyan Island

pp. 69-84
Faiza Al-Yamani and Sergey A. Khvorov

Harmful algal blooms and their impacts in the middle and outer ROPME sea area
pp. 85-98

Muthian Thangaraja, Ahmed Al-Aisry and Lubna Al-Kharusi


Composition, distribution and seasonal changes of tintinnids in the northwestern Arabian Gulf around the Bubiyan Island
pp. 99-106

Valeriy Skryabin and Faiza Al-Yamani

Deposition Rates in Navigation Channels for Az-Zour Area, South of Kuwait.
pp. 107-116

Karim A. Rakha and Alanoud N. Al-Ragum

A Strategic plan for the sustainable use for Kuwait’s marine environment
pp. 117-124

Kholood.S. Al-Rifaie, F.Y. Al-Yamani, G. Morgan, M. Abdul Jawad, M. Behbehani and W. Ismail

Comprehensive Hydro-biological Observations on the Suez canal
pp. 125-137

Fedekar A. Madkour, Mohamed M. Dorgham, Mahmoud H. Hanafi and Patrick M. Holligan

Satellite-measured chlorophyll distribution in the Arabian Gulf: Spatial, seasonal and inter-annual variability

pp. 139-156
Nikolay P. Nezlin, Igor G. Polikarpov and Faiza Al-Yamani

Eutrophication and Harmful Algal Blooms: A Complex Global Issue, Examples from the Arabian Seas including Kuwait Bay, and an Introduction to the Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms (GEOHAB) Programme
pp. 157-169

Patricia M. Glibert

Ichthyoplanktons of Khuzestan coastal waters (North of Persian Gulf)
pp. 171-178

Dehghan madiseh. S and Eskandary. GH

pp. 179-186

Talib A. Khalaf

Field Surveys and a Perturbation Experiment in Testing the Role of Eutrophication in Initiating Red Tides in Kuwait Bay
pp. 187-211

Wafaá A. Ismail Faiza Y. Al-Yamani and Kholood S. Al-Rifaie






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