International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO)



Volume 9 Number 1,  (2015)






The Potential of The Isolated Probiotics Bacterial From Giant Prawns’ Digestive Tract (Macrobrachium Rosenbergii, De Man) With 16s Rdna Sequencing Technique

pp. 1-10

Feliatra, Dessy Yoswaty, Isye Lukystyowati, Titania T Nugroho dan Wahid Hasyimi


Spectral Characteristics Of Kanyakumari Coast, East Coast Of India

pp. 11-22

N. Sharmila and R. Venkatachalapathy


Characteristics of The Outermost Small Islands In East Nusa Tenggara Province Indonesia

pp. 23-42

Yahyah, Moses Kopong Tokan,


Estimation of Various Parameters In Underwater Acoustic For OFDM

pp. 43-48

Susanna Thomas, Yamuna.S, N.R.Raajan


Temporal and Spatial Changes of Turbid Ity and Fecal Coliform In Syria
pp. 49-53
Samar Ikhtiyar, Bader Alali and.Rasha Halloul

Block Segmented Image Encryption For Effective Underwater Communication
pp. 55-61
Yamuna, S, Susanna Thomas, Abirami, R. and Raajan, N.R

Estimation of Various Parameters In Underwater Communication
pp. 63-67
N.R. Raajan, Susanna Thomas, Yamuna.S, Karthika.M.A

Image Denoising Using Noisy Patches
pp. 69-75
M. Sukhanya, R. Niveditha and N. R. Raajan

Underwater Remote Sensing of Fish and Seabed Using Acoustic Technology In Seribu Island Indonesia
pp. 77-95
Henry M. Manik


Economic Analysis of Pandega Fishermen Household at Madura Strait to Keep Food Security
pp. 97-104
Mimit Primyastanto





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