International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences (IJPAMS)



Volume 10, Number 2  (2017)





Infinite Product of a Number

pp. 107-110

Rushal Sohal


A Fuzzy Approach to Co-Ordinated and Non Co-Ordinated Two Stage Supply Chain

pp. 111-123

Tahseen Jahan A. and Maragatham, M.


Intuitionistic Fuzzy Filter and the Associated Fuzzy Filters
pp. 125-134
R.E.H. Christina and M. Murugalingam

Simultaneous Dual Series Equations Involving Laguerre Polynomials with Matrix Argument
pp. 135-139
Mukti Richhariya and Kuldeep Narain

A new subclass of meromorphic bi-univalent functions associated with linear operator
pp. 141146
O. Karthiyayini and V. Sivasankari

On new classes of some nano open sets
pp. 147-155
Rajasekaran, M. Meharin and O. Nethaji


Q(A) - Balance Super Edge Magic Graphs Results

pp. 157-170

M. Rameshpandi and S. Vimala


Solving Bessel and Legender equation Using Mellin transform

pp. 171176

Jitendra Kumar Pati


Total Resolving Number of Block Graphs and Line Graphs
pp. 177-183
J. Paulraj Joseph and N. Shunmugapriya


Minimizing Rental Cost in 2-Machine Flow-shop Problem under Unavailability Constraint
pp. 185-193
Laxmi Narain





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