International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences (IJPAMS)


Volume 5, Number 1 (2012)




On Essential Ideal and Radical Class
pp. 1-5
Author: K. F. Pawar and R. P. Deore


Plane Symmetric Cosmological Models in Barberís Second Self-Creation Cosmology
pp. 7-12
Authors: P. Rai, L.N. Rai and V.K. Singh


On t-Best Coapproximation in fuzzy n-normed linear spaces
pp. 13-22
Author: B. Surender Reddy


Unsteady Couette Flow of a Fluid Particle Suspension
pp. 23-33
Authors: M. Sunitha and Dr. B. Shanker


On Common Fixed Point of Nonself I-Nonexpansive Mappings for Noor Iteration in Banach Space
pp. 35-41
Authors: S.K. Malhotra and Poonam L. Sagar

Free-Convection Flow Past an Accelerated Vertical Plate with Thermal Radiation in a Rotating Fluid
Authors: Annamalai Ramachandran Vijayalakshmi and Albert Paul Florence Kamalam


Section: Mathematical Sciences αcg-closed, αc*gclosed, αc(s)g-continuous mapping in Topological Spaces
pp. 53-63
Authors: A.Kavitha and A.Pushpalatha


Section: Mathematical Sciences scg, sc*g, sc(s)gcontinuous functions in Topological Spaces
pp. 65-72
Authors: R. Nithyakala and Pushpalatha


On the Biquadratic Equation with Four Unknowns x2+xy+y2=(z2+zw+w2)2
pp. 73-77

Authors: M.A. Gopalan, S. Vidhyalakshmi & K. Lakshmi





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