International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences (IJPAMS)


Volume 6, Number 1 (2013)





An EPQ Model for an Item with Weibull Deterioration and Time-dependent Holding Cost

pp. 1-8

Authors: C.K. Tripathy, L.M. Pradhan and U. Mishra


g* Λ Closed and Open the Functions

pp. 9-23

Authors: S. Pious Missier and Vijilius Helena Raj


Observation on Cubic Equation with Four Unknowns x3+y3+xy(x+y)=z3+2(x+y)w2
pp. 25-30
Authors: M.A. Gopalan and K. Geetha


Numerical Solution of Second Order Fuzzy Differential equations by Runge-Kutta Method of Order Four
pp. 31-41
Authors: K. Kanagarajan and S. Muthukumar


Option Pricing Formulas for fractional polynomial payoff Functions

pp. 43-48
Authors: H. V. Dedania and S. J. Ghevariya


On a Thermoelastic Problem of a Half-Space under Mechanical Shock and Sinusoidal Temperature Distribution
pp. 49-58
Author: T. K. Kar


A Study of Composition Formulae for Unified Fractional Integral Operators involving Extended Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta Function and Generalized Krätzel Function with Applications

pp. 59-68

Authors: Rashmi Jain and Padama kumawat


A note on k-symmetric points

pp. 69-83 

Authors: H.N. Kanthalakshmi and S. Latha













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