International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences (IJPAMS)


Volume 6, Number 3 (2013)




Totally θgs-Continuous Functions
pp. 177-184
Author: Md. Hanif. Page


Some Common Fixed Point Theorems for Two Pairs of Weakly Compactible Mappings
pp. 185-192
Authors: K.L. Bondar, A.B. Jadhav and S.T. Patil


Continuous and Closed Maps
pp. 193-195
Author: Dr. Asha Gupta


Hermite-polynomials of Several Variables
pp. 197-203
Author: Dr. Ahmed Ali Alwakshi


Regular Weakly Generalized Closed Sets in Ideal Topological Spaces
pp. 205-209
Authors: S. Maragathavalli and C.R. Parvathy


Domain Wall Model of B DNA to Z DNA Transition
pp. 211-218
Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha, Joseph Mathew and Sachinandan Chanda


Integral Solutions of Homogeneous Biquadratic Equation with Four Unknowns
pp. 219-224
Authors: M.A. Gopalan, G. Sumathi and S. Vidhyalakshmi


Arithmetical Lattices of Congruencs
pp. 225-230
Authors: U.M. Swamy and Shiferaw Melesse


Some Integral Inequalities in Kaehlerian Recurrent Manifolds
pp. 231-240
Authors: K.S. Rawat, Nitin Uniyal and Mukesh Kumar


Integral Solutions of the Quadratic Equation with Four Unknowns X2 = Y2 +ZW+3w2

pp. 241-246
Authors: Manju Somanath, V. Sangeetha and M.A. Gopalan


A Common Fixed Point Theorem Using Weakly Compatible Mappings on Six Self Maps

pp. 247-251
Authors: V. Srinivas and R. Umamaheshwar Rao


Normality as hereditary in Cut Points Theory and COTS
pp. 253-260
Authors: Devender Kumar Kamboj, Vinod Kumar, Satbir Singh and Asha Gupta


Thermal Instability of Walters' (Model B' ) Fluid Permeated With Suspended Particles in Porous Medium with Variable Gravity Using Positive Operator

pp. 261-272

Author: Pushap Lata


Flow of An Unsteady Conducting Dusty Fluid Through A Channel of Triangular Cross-section
pp. 273-298
Authors: K.R.Madhura and M. S. Uma





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