International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences (IJPAMS)


Volume 6, Number 5 (2013)





Some Contribution on Finding the Results of RWeakly Commuting Mapping in Fuzzy Metric Spaces

pp. 375-381

Authors: Vineeta Singh and Dr. S.K. Malhotra


Lattice Ordered Near Rings in Fuzzy Subsets

pp. 383-390

Authors: R. Natarajan and V. Usha


Density Estimation of Daily Rainfall Data of Jammu

pp. 391-400

Authors: Ameena Rajput, Parmil Kumar and Sandeep Kumar


Weakly Pseudo-Projective Symmetries of (e, d ) -Trans-Sasakian Manifolds

pp. 401-410

Authors: Somashekhara G. and H.G. Nagaraja


A Difference-cum-Exponential Type Estimator for Estimating the Population MeanUsing Auxiliary Information in Sample Surveys

pp. 411-418

Authors: H.S. Jhajj and Kusam Lata


Integral Points on the Hyperbola x2+y2 - 4xy +26 = 0

pp. 419-424

Authors: M.A. Gopalan, S. Vidyalakshmi, J. Umarani and D. Maheswari


Production Inventory Model for Weibull Deteriorating Items with Price and Quantity Dependent Demand with Time Varying Holding Cost
pp. 425-435
Authors: Raman Patel and Shital S. Patel

Periodic Fresnel Splines
pp. 437-442
Authors: M P Sivaramakrishnan

Fekete-Szegö Problem for a Subclass of Analytic Functions
pp. 443454
Authors: C. Selvaraj






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