International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences (IJPAMS)



Volume 7, Number 1  (2014)





Existance of the Solution and Disease Free Equilibrium of SPR_SODE Model
pp. 1-7

Authors: Mr. S. Dheva Rajan, Dr. A. Iyem Perumal, Dr. S.P. Rajagopalan and Mrs. D. Kalpana


On Solving Multi Objective Fuzzy Number Linear Programming Problems
pp. 9-13

Authors: R. Sophia Porchelvi and L. Vasanthi


Sequences of Partial Means

pp. 15-19

Authors: Sumita Gulati and Mini


On a Subclass of Meromorphic Starlike Functions with Alternating Coefficients
pp. 21-28

Authors: P.Thirupathi Reddy and K.S.Supriya


New Generalization of Multiplicative Coupled Fibonacci Sequences
pp. 29-32

Authors: Sanjay Harne, V. H. Badshah and Sapna Sethiya


Effect of Brownian Diffusion and Volume Fraction on Perturbation Particle Velocity of Axially Symmetrical Jet Mixing Compressible Dusty Fluid
pp. 37-42

Authors: D.K. Dash and Chand Ram


Some Results on Abstract Affine Gamma Near-Rings

pp. 43-49

Authors: Satyanarayana Bhavanari, Mohammad Yahya Abbasi, Abul Basar and Syam Prasad Kuncham 


Altered Lucas Sequences with Greatest Common Divisors

pp. 51-54

Authors: Sanjay Harne, Bijendra Singh, Gurbeer Kaur Khanuja and Manjeet Singh Teeth


Fixed Point Theorems for Pair of Weak Contractions in Cone Metric Spaces

pp. 55-59

Authors: A.K. Dubey, Reena Shukla and R.P. Dubey


Left Alternative Rings with Commutators in the Right Nucleus

pp. 61-64

Author: K. Subhashini


Degree of Approximation by |N, pn, qn,|-Summability Means of Laguerre Series

pp. 65-70

Author: Aditya Kumar Raghuvanshi


On the Uniform Weighted Arithmetic Mean Summability of Legendre Series

pp. 71-76

Author: Aditya Kumar Raghuvanshi


Some Common Fixed Point Theorems in Cone Banach Spaces

pp. 77-84
Authors: A.K.Dubey, Rita Shukla and R.P.Dubey


A Note on Weighted Frames in Banach spaces

pp. 85-90

Author: A. K. Sah


(0, 1, 3)*−Interpolation on the Projected Nodes on the Unit Circle

pp. 91-102

Authors: Swarnima Bahadur and Manisha Shukla


New Measures of Differential Entropy

pp. 103-111

Authors: P. Jha and M. Verma


Coupled Quadratic Map Picture of an Ecological System
pp. 113-120
Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha and Sachinandan Chanda

Selection Rejection in Ecological Systems
pp. 121-127
Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha and Sachinandan Chanda

Some Results on Common Fixed Point in D-Metric Space
pp. 129-135
Authors: Shoyeb Ali Sayyed and Lata Vyas

Decision Making by M/M/S Queuing Model: A Case Study-I
pp. 137-143
Authors: S. Vijay Prasad, V.H. Badshah and Pradeep Porwal

On Some Super Harmonic Numbers
pp. 145-153
Authors: P. Rajkhowa and Hemen Bharali

Solitons in DNA Lattice and its Genetic Implications
pp. 155-162
Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha and Sachinandan Chanda






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