International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences (IJPAMS)



Volume 7, Number 3  (2014)





Magneto-Hydrodynamics and Shocks
pp. 321-327
Authors: Krishna Kumari and Dr. R. K. Budhaulia


CR-Submanifold of a Para-Sasakian Manifold
pp. 329-333
Authors: S.P. Pandey, Lakhan Singh and Shailendra Kumar Gautam

An MX /G/1 Queue with Two-Stage Heterogeneous Service and Single Working Vacation
pp. 335-346

Authors: K. Santhi and S. Pazhani Bala Murugan


On Matrix Summability of a Fourier Series
pp. 347-356
Authors: Saumya Ranjan Das and Dhirendra Kumar Dalai


Oscillatory Behavior of First Order Neutral Difference Equations of Retarded and Advanced Type
pp. 357-367
Authors: A. Murugesan and K. Shanmugavalli


Ring of Clopen Functions
pp. 369-377
Authors: John Paul Jala Kharbhih,Sanghita Dutta


Best Proximity Point on Symmetric Rational Cyclic Contraction in Metric Spaces
pp. 379389
Authors: Vinita Dewangan and A. Banerjee,C.L. Dewangan


Clean ElementsWith Respect to Ideals of Near-rings
pp. 391394
Authors: B. Elavarasan


A New Class of Analytic Function using Convolution
pp. 395-401
Authors: Dinesh Kumar, A.K.Arora and S.K.Bissu


A note on generating functions of Pseudo Laguerre Polynomials of Several Variables
pp. 403409
Author: Mohd Akhlaq Malik


Conformally Flat Generalized ϕ-Recurrent Trans-Sasakian Manifolds

pp. 447-459

Author: Rajesh Kumar, Jay Prakash Singh and Jagannath Chowdhury


A Class of Supra b-Closed Sets And Supra b-Continuous Functions

pp. 411-415

Author: C.R.Parvathy and 2T.M.saranya


Prime Cordial Labeling of Wheel Related Graph Families

pp. 417427

Author: G. V. Ghodasara, J. P. Jena


Some Special Classes of Near-Ring Modules

pp. 429-439

Author: Ravi Srinivasa Rao, C. Sushma, K. J. Lakshmi Narayana


Characterizing Absolutely Flatness with Primary Submodules

pp. 441-446

Author: Duraivel T, Mangayarcarassy S, Athimoolam R.






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