International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematical Sciences (IJPAMS)



Volume 8, Number 1  (2015)





Hyper Zagreb Indices of Product of Graphs

pp. 1-14

S. Nagarajan, K. Pattabiraman, M. Chandrasekharan,


Decomposition of hyperset

pp. 15–20

Goutam Chowdhury


Existence of mild solutions for neutral stochastic integro-differential equations with nonlocal conditions

pp. 21-30

Lijun Pan


“Various reflexivities in locally convex spaces”

pp. 31-36



Number Of Level Crossings Of Random Algebraic Polynomials

pp. 37-43

A.K. Mansingh and 2Dr.P.K.Mishra


On the Properties for Fibonacci and Lucas Sequence

pp. 45-50

Mitharam Rawat, Kiran Sisodiya , Sandeep Tiwari


General Study in Topology for some reults on the order of element of coset topology
Duraphe Sushma

Bloch Multipliers

pp. 55-60

S. Nagendra ,Prof. E. Keshava Reddy


Extinction For A Class of P-Laplacian Evolution Equations With Nonlinear Sources

pp. 61-67

XiaoPing Wang  ZeJian Cui


Numerical Solution Of Fuzzy Differential Equations By The Runge-Kutta Verner Method And The Dependency Problem
pp. 69-81
K. Kanagarajan, S. Muthukumar and S. Indrakumar

Improved Ratio Estimator Using Hodges-Lehmann In Ranked Set Sampling
pp. 83-86
S. Maqbool and Shakeel Javaid

Totally Regular Property of The Composition of Two Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 87-100
K. Radha and M.Vijaya





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