International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP)


Volume 10, Number 1  (2014)





Fast Neutron and Nd: Yag Laser Irradiation Effect on High Temperature Tl1-xCdxBa2Ca2Cu3O9-δ Superconductors

pp. 1-7

Author: Sabah Jala Fathi


Amplification of Waves at Input of a Beam into an Inhomogeneous Warm Plasma
pp. 9-13
Author: N. S. Al-atawi

TRS Calculation for Light Nuclei Formed in Heavy-Ion Reactions
pp. 15-19
Authors: Sourav Ganguly and Aparajita Dey

Exotic Mesons in Quasi Particle Approach
pp. 21-27
Authors: R. Ghosh, R. Saha, A. Bhattacharya and B. Chakrabarti

A Discussion on the Equations of Motion and the Notion of Effective Mass Commonly Used in Solid State Physics
pp. 29-32
Author: Rajat Roy

Further Studies on the Notion of Effective Mass in Relation to the Kronig-Penney Model in Solid State Physics
pp. 33-36
Author: Rajat Roy

Application of FP-LAPW Method to Study Electronic and Optical Properties of Beryllium Chalcogenides BeX (X= S, Se, Te)
pp. 37-42
Authors: Aldrin Malsawmtluanga, Lalnunpuia, Lawrence Z. Chhangte, Ricky L.Ralte and Z.Pachuau


Explanation of Negative Differential Resistance in Bulk Semiconductor Devices without Invoking the Concept of Effective Mass
pp. 43-46
Author: Rajat Roy

Variation of Electron and ION Temperature with Latitude
pp. 47-51
Authors: Lalitha T. Alexander


A New Algorithm for Surface Structure Determination from LEED Experimental Data of Cu (110) Surface

pp. 53-58

Authors: Subhadipta Mukhopadhyay


Ion Cyclotron Instability in Magneto Active Plasma with Axial Current

pp. 59-62

Authors: Naifa. S. Alatawi


Description of High Ns-Multiplicity Events Produced In Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions At 4.5 A Gev/C

pp. 63-73
Author: A. Abd EL-Daiem


Spatio–Temporal Variations Of Monthly Rainfall Totals In Nigeria For The Period 1950 – 2012

pp. 75-93

Authors: S.O. AMADI, S.O. UDO, & I.O. EWONA





















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