International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP)


Volume 11, Number 2  (2015)





Characterization of Bands in 3D EBG Structure
pp. 71-77
1Praveen Kumar Kancherla and Habibulla Khan

Nuclear Matter Incompressibility Using A Density-Dependent M3Y-Type Effective Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction
pp. 79-85

8-Spinors For Translations, Rotations And Boosts With Parity
pp. 87-97
Richard Shurtleff

Radiation Level and Pattern of Radioactivity Distribution in High Background Areas of Coastal Kerala
pp. 99-103
Narayana Y


Electrodynamics of Pairing Phase Transition in Nuclei
pp. 105-109
Afaque Karim, Tasleem A. Siddiqui and Shakeb Ahmad

Verification of variation in static and dynamic mass as a function of temperature
pp. 111-118
J. Krishnan, Rahul. K, Nishant Sharma. R and Gowtham. M

One Pot Hydrothermal Synthesis Of Mesoporous Silica (MCM-41), Using Industrial Waste
pp. 119-129
M. R. Deshpande and Preeti Hundekar U. D. Joshi


Temporal characteristics of a solar flare thermal plasma deduced from the X-ray emissions
pp. 131-137
Pramod Kumar, Yogesh C. Bhatt and Yadvendra S. Shisodiya


Analytical solutions of the N-dimensional radial Schrodinger equation for general potential

pp. 149-152

Richa Rani





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