International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP)


Volume 12, Number 1  (2016)





Structural, Morphological, Optical and Electrical properties of Nanostructured ZnMnS thin film prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition method
pp. 1-8
Adel Sadoon and Ramphal Sharma

Feasibility Analysis For A Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System In Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso): Technico-Economical Approaches
pp. 9-27
Konan Lambert AMANI, Raguilignaba SAM and François ZOUGMORÉ

Nuclear Waste Management
pp. 29-33
Tirthankar Choudhury and S. R. Bhattacharyya


Dielectric Investigation on Single Crystals of Morpholium Cadmium Aceto-perchlorate

pp. 35-46

D. Shyamala, R. Rathikha and K. Gomathi


Evaluation of unpolarized neutron structure function and ratio of Fn F p 2 2 / by Thermodynamical Bag Model

pp. 47-52

C. Ramesh and K. Ganesamurthy


Synthesis and characterization of surfactant assisted CeO2/ZrO2 nanocomposite
pp. 53-60
S. Usharani and V. Rajendran


Study the Relations for Different Components of Isospin with Quark States
pp. 61-69
S. Panda, M. K. Muni, B. Vasundhara and L.K. Tripathy


Acoustic and Ultrasonic Studies of Dextran in 2(M) Glycine-Variation with Frequencies and Concentrations
pp. 71-79
Subhraraj Panda and Achyuta Prasad Mahapatra

Optical Absorption Studies of Nd3+ Doped Yttrium Zinc Lithium Bismuth Borate Glasses
pp. 81-87
S.L. Meena and Beena Bhatia


Estimation of Polarized Parton distribution at low order momentum transfer
pp. 89-95
K. Ganesamurthy, K. Pugalendi and C. Ramesh






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