International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP)


Volume 13, Number 4  (2017)




Cosmological Models with quadratic equation of state and dissipative effects

pp. 271-280

Partha Sarathi Debnath


Temperature Sensing with Fibre Bragg Gratings and Application

pp. 281-287

Narender Singh


A Tentative Viewpoint about the Evolution of Light Velocity

pp. 289-294

Ge Guangzhou


The Hypothesis of New Quantum and Its Applications

pp. 295-302

Ge Guangzhou


A New Class of Cosmological Models in Lyra Geometry in the Presence of Particle Creation

pp. 303-309

Kalyani Desikan and Sanjit Das


Updating of the Knowledge about Energy and Time

pp. 311-315

Ge Guangzhou '


Investigation of Mos2 Thin Films Deposited By Dip Coating on Multi Crystalline Silicon Plates Grown by Capillary Action Shaping Technique

pp. 317-324

S. K. Pandey, Sanjeev Kumar and S. M. Rao


A Tentative Viewpoint About The Evolution of Relativity Theory
pp. 325-338
Ge Guangzhou

Study of Optical, morphological and Electrical Properties of Cdznsete thin films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Method.
pp. 339-347
Gaikwad S. A., Tembhurkar Y.D and Dudhe C.M


The Interpretation of Original Principles of Quantum Theory and Nature of Quantum

pp. 349-361

Ge Guangzhou






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